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Comprehensive Employment Background Screening

Alliance Risk Group is a trusted provider of comprehensive employment background screenings for talent acquisition and HR professionals throughout the United States and globally. Our services are designed to minimize risk and ensure compliance, safeguarding your organization’s employees, clients, and reputation.

Our post-hire background investigations include innovative solutions like Overwatch Continuous Criminal Monitoring SM and Infinity Screening, which provide ongoing rescreening throughout an employee’s tenure. By partnering with Alliance Risk Group, your organization benefits from a company dedicated to compliance and risk mitigation, effectively minimizing threats and securing your workforce.

We offer tailored, industry-specific employment background check solutions to meet your organization’s unique compliance needs and risk management goals. Our expert team can recommend custom packages or assist in developing a fully personalized package that aligns with your company and industry requirements. Choose from a range of background investigation packages, starting with the “Bronze” level, featuring four key searches (Social Security & Address History Search, Statewide Criminal Records Search, Federal Criminal Search, and Sex Offender Search), up to the exhaustive “Platinum” level.

Alliance Risk Group’s background investigation services also encompass professional identity verification, education and employment verifications, international background checks, drug testing, and more. Explore each search option included in our recommended employment background investigation packages below.

Choose Alliance Risk Group for a comprehensive, reliable, and secure background screening process, protecting your organization and its stakeholders is your mission.

Types Of Information Included In an Employment Background Screening Process

Why Identity Verification Screenings Are Vital for Your Business

As a business owner, you know that your employees are one of your most valuable assets. However, the wrong hire can be detrimental to your business in many ways. That’s why an employment background check is essential for any business looking to protect its bottom line and its reputation.

Protect Your Business from Liability

As an employer, you have a legal responsibility to provide a safe working environment for your employees and customers. Hiring individuals with a criminal record or substance abuse can put your business at risk of legal liabilities and financial losses. Employment verification reports help you identify potential risks and make informed hiring decisions that protect your business.

Ensure Quality Hires

Finding the right candidate for a job can be a daunting task. Employment verification checks allow you to verify a candidate’s education, work history, and other qualifications. This helps you ensure that you are hiring the right person for the job and can increase your chances of finding a highly qualified candidate who is a good fit for your organization.

Comply with Regulations

Depending on your industry and location, you may be required by law to conduct certain types of background screening. Background reports help you comply with these regulations and avoid legal penalties.

Protect Your Reputation

Your employees are ambassadors of your brand, and their actions can have a significant impact on your organization’s reputation. Hiring individuals with a criminal record or unethical behavior can damage your organization’s image and brand. By conducting thorough background checks, you can identify potential issues before they become public knowledge and protect your brand image.

In conclusion, employment verifications are vital for any business looking to protect its bottom line, reputation, and employees. By conducting thorough background screenings, you can mitigate risks, ensure quality hires, comply with regulations, and protect your brand image. At Alliance Risk Group, we provide comprehensive employment background screening services tailored to your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you protect your business.

Types of Information Included in an Employment Background Report

As an employer, it is crucial to make well-informed hiring choices to safeguard your business and foster a secure work environment. Employment background checks serve as a valuable instrument for achieving these objectives. These comprehensive checks can uncover a wide range of information about prospective candidates, encompassing criminal records, employment and education histories, professional licenses, references, employment credit reports, social media screening, and drug and alcohol testing. Let’s delve deeper into each information category typically included in an employment background check:

Criminal History Records

Criminal background screening disclose pertinent information about an applicant’s criminal past, including arrests, convictions, and related records. Depending on the job and industry, a criminal record may render a candidate ineligible for employment.

Employment History Verification

Validating a candidate’s prior employment and job titles ensures they possess the requisite experience and qualifications for a position. It also helps detect potential red flags, such as frequent job transitions or unexplained employment gaps.

Education Verification

Confirming an applicant’s educational background, including degrees and institutions, guarantees they meet the necessary qualifications for the role.

Professional License Verification

For certain industries like healthcare or finance, verifying a candidate’s professional licenses and credentials is crucial to ascertain their eligibility to perform specific job functions.

Reference Checks

Gleaning insights from former employers, colleagues, or personal references can offer valuable information about a candidate’s work ethic, skillset, and personality traits.

Credit Check Reports

Assessing an applicant’s credit history is particularly relevant for positions involving financial institutions management or access to sensitive fiscal data, as it provides insight into their financial history, responsibility and reliability.

Social Media and Online Presence Checks

Evaluating a candidate’s online behavior and social media activity can reveal their judgment and professionalism outside the workplace.

Drug and Alcohol

Testing In safety-sensitive sectors such as transportation or manufacturing, drug and alcohol testing is crucial for identifying potential risks and maintaining a secure work environment.


Benefits of Outsourcing Employment Background Reports

In today’s competitive job market, employers need to make well-informed hiring decisions to ensure a secure work environment and protect their businesses. Comprehensive employment background screenings are indispensable for achieving these goals. Outsourcing these background checks to a reputable company, such as Alliance Risk Group, can bring numerous advantages, including accuracy, efficiency, and compliance.

Here’s an in-depth look at the benefits of outsourcing with a background check provider like Alliance Risk Group:

Expertise and Experience

Alliance Risk Group has a team of skilled professionals with extensive experience in conducting thorough background checks. Their expertise spans various industries and job roles, ensuring comprehensive and accurate results that employers can trust.

Compliance with Regulations

Employment background checks must adhere to numerous federal goverment agencies and state, and local laws and regulations. Alliance Risk Group stays up-to-date with the ever-evolving legal regulations landscape, ensuring that your background checks are compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other relevant regulations.

Enhanced Efficiency

Outsourcing background checks to Alliance Risk Group streamlines the hiring process, saving employers valuable time and resources. Their efficient processes, paired with advanced technology, enable a quicker turnaround time, allowing you to make timely hiring decisions.

Customized Solutions

Alliance Risk Group understands that every employer has unique needs and requirements for background checks. They offer customized solutions tailored to your industry, job roles, and specific concerns, ensuring that you receive the most relevant and pertinent information about your candidates.

Comprehensive Services

We provided a wide range of background check services, including criminal records, employment and education verifications, professional license validations, credit checks, social media presence evaluations, drug and alcohol testing, and more. This breadth of services ensures a holistic evaluation of candidates, mitigating potential risks and promoting a safe work environment.

Risk Mitigation

By outsourcing employment background reports to Alliance Risk Group, you can minimize potential risks associated with negligent hiring, such as employee theft, workplace violence, and legal regulations. Alliance Risk Group’s thorough and accurate background checks enable you to make informed hiring decisions, reducing the likelihood of costly mistakes.

Improved Candidate Experience

Our professionalism and streamlined processes contribute to a positive candidate experience, reflecting well on your organization. A seamless background check process can leave a lasting impression on candidates and enhance your employer brand.

Outsourcing employment to a  background check company to Alliance Risk Group can significantly elevate the quality and efficiency of your hiring process. By leveraging their expertise, compliance knowledge, customizable solutions, comprehensive services, and commitment to risk mitigation, you can make informed hiring decisions that safeguard your business and foster a secure work environment. Embrace the benefits of partnering with Alliance Risk Group and experience the difference for yourself.

Enhancing Legal Compliance in Employment Background Screenings

Maintaining legal compliance throughout employment background checks is of paramount importance in order to avert possible litigation and protect your company’s reputation in the hiring process. By adhering to all relevant federal and state laws and regulations, employers can make informed hiring decisions while minimizing legal risks.

Navigating The Federal Goverment and State Legislation

Employment background checks fall under the purview of various federal agencies and state laws, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, and state-specific regulations. Familiarizing yourself with these laws is vital to guarantee the legality and compliance of your background checks.

Adhering to the Fair Credit Reporting Act

The FCRA establishes guidelines for employment background checks, mandating that employers obtain written consent from candidates before proceeding with a background check. Additionally, employers must furnish candidates with a copy of the report and a summary of their rights under the FCRA.

Implementing the Adverse Action Process

If a candidate is not hired based on background check results, employers must follow the adverse action process stipulated by the FCRA. This involves supplying the candidate with a pre-adverse action notice, a copy of the background report, and a summary of their rights under the FCRA. A final adverse action notice is required if the candidate is ultimately not hired.

Preventing Employment Discrimination

Background checks must be executed in a non-discriminatory manner. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Employers must guarantee that their background checks do not discriminate or disproportionately affect protected groups.

Ensuring Accuracy in Background Checks

Employers are responsible for the accuracy of information gathered during background checks. Inaccurate information in a report can lead to legal repercussions. Employers should verify information accuracy and rectify any errors.

Exercising Caution with Social Media

While social media can offer valuable insights into candidates, employers must be cautious when incorporating it into the background check process. Avoid actions that could be perceived as discriminatory or infringing on the candidate’s privacy.

Safeguarding Candidate Privacy

Protecting candidate privacy during background checks is essential. Employers must guarantee that collected information remains confidential and is not disclosed to unauthorized parties.

Contact Alliance Risk Group For Employment Background Investigations

Alliance Risk Group’s employment background checks encompass a diverse array of information tailored to an employer’s requirements and the job’s demands. By conducting a meticulous background check that incorporates candidate’s criminal records, employment and education verifications, professional license validations, reference and credit history checks, social media presence evaluations, and drug and alcohol testing, employers can make informed hiring decisions that protect their business and foster a safe work environment.

Examples of Our Comprehensive Pre-Employment Background Check Reports

Sample Social Media Hiring Reports:

Offensive Content Disclaimer: Some may find these fictional examples to be explicit and/or generally offensive. The purpose of these examples is to demonstrate the type of content that may be flagged in a Social Media Hiring Report. 

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Pre Employment Background Checks FAQ’s

1. What is an employment background investigation?

An employment background investigation is a comprehensive process used by employers to verify a potential employee’s work history, education, criminal record, and other relevant information. The goal is to ensure that the candidate is suitable for the position and to minimize potential risks.

2. Why are background investigations important for employers?

Background investigations help employers maintain a safe and productive work environment. They can verify the accuracy of a candidate’s resume, identify potential red flags, and avoid legal issues related to negligent hiring.

3. What types of checks are included in an employment background investigation?

Background investigations can include various checks, such as criminal history, employment history, education verification, reference checks, credit history, driving records, and drug testing, depending on the employer’s requirements and the job position.

4. How long does a background investigation typically take?

The duration of a background investigation can vary depending on the complexity of the checks involved. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

5. Is there a difference between a background check and a background investigation?

The terms are often used interchangeably, but a background investigation typically refers to a more in-depth and comprehensive process, while a background check may only include specific aspects like criminal history.

6. What information is required from a candidate to perform a background investigation?

Employers typically require the candidate’s full name, date of birth, Social Security number, current address, and consent to conduct the background investigation.

7. Are background investigations compliant with local, state, and federal laws?

Reputable background investigation providers ensure compliance with relevant laws, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines, and any applicable state and local regulations.

8. How do I request a background investigation for my potential employees?

To request a background investigation, you’ll need to contact a reputable background investigation provider, provide the necessary candidate information, and obtain the candidate’s consent.

9. How can I be sure that the information obtained during the background investigation is accurate?

Reputable background investigation providers follow strict procedures to ensure accuracy, including verifying information through multiple sources and maintaining up-to-date databases.

10. What is the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and how does it relate to background investigations?

The FCRA is a federal law that regulates the collection, dissemination, and use of consumer information, including credit and background investigations. It ensures that these investigations are conducted accurately, fairly, and with respect for consumers’ privacy.

11. What happens if a candidate disputes the information found in their background investigation?

If a candidate disputes information in their background investigation, the employer and background investigation provider must follow FCRA guidelines to investigate and resolve the dispute.

12. How do I stay compliant with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines when using background investigations?

To stay compliant with EEOC guidelines, employers should ensure that background investigations are conducted consistently for all candidates, avoid using discriminatory criteria, and consider the relevance of any negative findings to the specific job position.

13. How does the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affect background investigations for candidates in Europe?

The GDPR is a European regulation that governs the processing and storage of personal data. Background investigation providers must follow GDPR guidelines when handling the personal data of candidates in Europe, including obtaining proper consent and ensuring data security.

14. Can an employer run a background investigation without the candidate's consent?

No, employers must obtain the candidate’s written consent before conducting a background investigation, as required by the FCRA and other applicable laws.

15. How do I maintain the privacy and security of candidate information during the background investigation process?

Employers should work with reputable background investigation providers that follow strict data security protocols, including encryption, secure storage, and limited access

Specialized Solutions for All Industries: Customizable Background Checks and Applicant Experience

We recognize the importance of having industry-specific knowledge/compliance and therefore offer specialized solutions for all industries. Alliance can recommend the most suitable investigations and best practices for all business service sectors including Professional Services, Banking/Finance, Energy, Healthcare, Manufacturing,  Staffing, Technology, Transportation, and more. Our easy- to-use technology portal allows you to request, obtain and track customized background check reports 24/7, and our US-based licensed, Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) certified team is here to answer your questions! The investigations are customizable to your specific industry, fully integrated and able to link to ANY applicant tracking system. (See the list below for the ATS software we are currently integrated with. If you don’t see your ATS listed, our office can contact your ATS to start the integration.)

Furthermore, we recognize the significance of delivering a positive applicant experience, and our Applicant Portal is designed to ensure just that. Our dedicated team manages the entire information-gathering process, including sending text message notifications to applicants, guaranteeing a smooth, user-friendly, and compliant experience. We adhere to the latest cybersecurity measures and industry-standard security practices to safeguard all data involved in the process.

Mastering Recruitment Efficiency: Unleashing the Power of Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are specialized recruitment software solutions employed by businesses to streamline their hiring process. These systems are frequently tailored to cater to unique industry requirements, enabling the efficient collection and organization of candidate information based on skill sets and experience. Moreover, an ATS facilitates seamless tracking of applicants throughout the recruitment journey. It also serves as a repository for job details, automates the screening and filtering of candidates, and fosters clear communication between recruiters and hiring managers, among other valuable features. If you would like to know more about the benefits of ATS systems and how they differ from Human Capital Management (HCM) systems, click here.

ATS software we are currently integrated with:

If you do not see your ATS listed, please contact our office!

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