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Privacy Policy

The security and data protection practices at Alliance Risk Group Inc. are up to date and among the strongest in the industry.

Our Background Investigation systems that we maintain have passed an Experian Independent 3rd Party Assessment (EI3PA) security program. The EI3PA program currently requires an annual revalidation, and we make sure our system revalidations are updated each year. Alliance’s online portal system is secure and eliminates missing information and spelling errors.

Alliance Risk Group’s Comprehensive Claims investigation case management portal is safe and secure with TLS Transport Encryption. A Level 1 PCI-certified firewall protects from hacking attempts and routine vulnerability scans protect from the latest threats. Enterprise DDoS Protection mitigates denial of service attacks in real time and all data is stored, backed up, distributed, and encrypted using industry standard AES-256 encryption. Other privacy measures include role-based access, multi-factor authentication, and mandatory password rotation.

To stay at the forefront of data security, Alliance employees attend webinars, seminars, and educational events that guarantee they are well versed in up-and-coming industry information. Our firm does not send personal and identifiable information outside of the United States as a routine business practice. The only exception to this is when conducting international background investigations. This process involves sending a subject name and date of birth only. All individuals who receive said information are licensed, and pre-vetted.

For more information, email [email protected] or call (518) 514-2944.