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Federal Criminal Search

Federal Criminal Search

National and Federal Criminal Background Investigation searches are important to conduct before making a hiring decision and in some positions, as part of post-hire investigations. Many HR and hiring professionals have the false belief that a National Criminal Background search is the same as a Federal Criminal Background search because of the reference to it being a search encompassing the entire country, but they are two very different types of searches.

Federal Criminal Background Investigation (Included in All Recommended Packages)

A Federal Criminal Background Investigation includes a search of federal crimes committed against the United States that are prosecuted by US attorneys in federal courts. Examples of federal crimes include bank robbery, drug trafficking, embezzlement, money laundering, credit card fraud, crimes that cross state lines, and crimes that occur on federal property, such as a military base. The Federal Criminal Background Investigation includes a search of misdemeanors, (minor crimes punishable by fine or confinement in other than prison such as local jail or county correctional facility) and felonies (a serious crime that is punishable by more than one year of imprisonment up to death by execution.) Be aware that when conducting a Federal Criminal Background Investigation, it is limited in that it is based upon the jurisdiction of residency.  Alliance Risk Group recommends this search for certain high-level job applications where white-collar crimes should be screened.

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