Special Investigations

Services Include…


  • Assets Discovery

Locating assets is key to obtaining intelligence and also collecting on judgments. Service ranges from liquid assets discovery, stocks/bonds/mutual funds and other securities as well as real/tangible property.


  • Trial Preparation

Are you prepared for trial? This service will support gathering and preparing items for a court case or hearing. Depending on the nature of the lawsuit, services may consist of evidence gathering, forensic investigation, interview, witness location, preparation and more.


  • Clinic Investigations

Carriers should mitigate risks associated with fraudulent medical providers. Huge losses from unnecessary medical treatments, fake injuries, made-up services, fictional patients and dishonest billing can be avoided with Alliance’s Clinic Investigations.  Our expert investigators will canvass clinics and provide first-hand reports on questionable facility operations, staff information, license qualifications, unusual business activity and more. We can then determine if long-term clinic surveillance of employee/patient activity is warranted. Conduct due diligence risk mitigation with an Alliance Clinic Investigation.


  • Risk Mitigation Consulting

You have risk, we have answers. Our team consists of highly qualified risk mitigation professionals that assist organizations with all form of challenges, from physical, cyber social intelligence and more.


  • Activity Check and Alive and Well.

Activity Check covertly determines a claimant’s level of activity. It is often used prior to surveillance to gain intelligence. Alive and Well involves a comprehensive interview with the claimant to understand their current status, including confirmation of their work status. Typically, a series of questions, outlined in a document, are asked of a claimant.

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This service consists of any form of comprehensive investigation surrounding an insurance claim. From subrogation to witness location and comprehensive statements, our Special Investigations Unit works with insurance claims professionals to complete necessary claims investigations. Services include Assets Discovery, Trial Preparation, Clinic Investigations, and Risk Mitigation Consulting.

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