Drug Screening

Alliance proudly serves all industries with state-of-the-art drug testing services, including electronic chain of custody and monitoring. Alliance prides itself on working with clients to ensure that the entire investigative process is seamless and compliant. We offer hair drug testing, alcohol testing, and oral fluid testing.

Alliance Risk Group offers the following drug screening services:

  • Random Drug Screening
  • Pre-employment Drug Screening
  • Reasonable Suspicion
  • Post-Accident
  • Return to Work

Drug testing comes in four forms:  urine, hair, blood, oral fluid. We offer hair (5, 5+, 9+, 12) and urine (5, 9, 10, 10+) testing panel drug screenings at either Labcorp or Quest.

For more information about Drug Screening, email sales@allianceriskgroup.com, or contact us at 800-579-2911.




C O M M O N   D R U G   T E S T I N G   P A N E L S


(Urine Drug Testing)

(Hair Test)

(Hair Test plus Oxy)

(Oral Fluid Testing)


(Urine Drug Testing)

(Hair Test Plus Oxy)

(Oral Fluid Testing)


(Urine Drug Testing)

(12-Panel Hair Test)

Amphetamines Amphetamines Amphetamines
Cocaine Benzodiazepines Benzodiazepines
Marijuana Barbiturates Barbiturates
Opiates Cocaine Cocaine
Phencyclidine Marijuana Marijuana
Methadone Methadone
Opiates Methaqualone
Phencyclidine Opiates
Propoxyphene Phencyclidine