Remote Surveillance

Remotely-Operated StealthCam® Surveillance Services

  • Capabilities: Monitors claimants remotely; Captures meticulous activity with high-definition video and pan/tilt/zoom technology; Runs continuously with motion detection that alerts investigators when movement is sensed.
  • Placement: Only positioned in areas that comply with state and federal regulations; Weather resistant and covertly designed to be placed in plain sight without being detected.
  • Benefits: Establishes patterns of behavior – eliminating wasted, on-scene investigator time; A solution to probe stale suspected fraud cases to jump start an investigation; Preliminary video evidence provides the intelligence needed or the need for additional investigator surveillance. 

The Alliance StealthCam® Stationary Covert Surveillance System is another tool in our investigative arsenal! The StealthCam® will save you time and money while increasing the likelihood of gaining actionable intelligence on comprehensive claims investigations where fraud is suspected.

Is the Alliance StealthCam® right for your case? Alliance will perform a feasibility study, review budget and time considerations, and develop an on-going strategy.

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