Social Security and Address History PLUS

Unlock Deeper Insights for HR Excellence

“Social Security and Address History PLUS” isn’t just a background screening tool; it’s your key to HR excellence. In a world where decisions shape the success of your organization, choose a solution that empowers you with unparalleled insights. Join us in shaping the future of human resources – because informed decisions drive extraordinary results. Welcome to a new era of background screening!

Social Security and Address History PLUS

Beyond Boundaries: More Than Traditional Social Security & Address History Search


In the fast-paced world of HR, traditional background screening often falls short. That’s why we’ve introduced a revolutionary solution that surpasses the limitations of standard Social Security and Address History screenings. Our offering goes the extra mile, revealing not just where someone lived but also shedding light on their arrest history.

Benefits that Redefine Due Diligence:


  1. Enhanced Safety and Security:
    • Elevate workplace safety with insights into an individual’s arrest history.
    • Craft policies that prioritize employee well-being and security.
  1. In-Depth Insight for Smarter Decisions:
    • Access a holistic view of candidates, empowering you to make decisions that drive organizational success.
    • Enhance your strategic approach to talent acquisition and employee management.
  1. Sales Differentiation:
    • Stand out in the competitive HR services market with a unique and comprehensive background screening offering.
    • Attract clients seeking innovative and value-driven HR solutions.
  1. Combat Commoditization:
    • Break free from industry norms and set a new standard in HR services.
    • Showcase your commitment to staying ahead of the curve and providing exceptional value.
  1. Mitigate Missed Information:
    • Overcome the limitations of traditional checks by uncovering information that might be overlooked.
    • Minimize the risk of missing critical details in the hiring and screening process.
  1. Win More Business:
    • Appeal to diverse industries seeking a sophisticated, comprehensive background screening solution.
    • Strengthen your reputation and broaden your client base as the go-to HR professional.
  1. Increase Top and Bottom Line:
    • Enhance HR efficiency, leading to cost savings and improved productivity.
    • Drive revenue growth by positioning your HR department as a strategic asset to the organization.
  1. Cutting-Edge Innovation:
    • Demonstrate your HR team’s prowess in adopting advanced technologies and methodologies.
    • Establish your department as a hub for innovation and forward-thinking practices.
  1. Increase Visibility in Coverage:
    • Expand the scope of your background checks, providing a more nuanced and complete picture.
    • Elevate your HR department’s visibility and influence within the organization.



Tailored for Success in Key Industries


“Social Security and Address History PLUS” isn’t just a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s tailored to meet the unique needs of industries where comprehensive screening is paramount.


  • Navigate the intricacies of the healthcare industry with detailed background insights.
  • Uphold the highest standards of patient care with a thoroughly vetted workforce.



  • Ensure the safety and security of guests and staff in the dynamic hospitality sector.
  • Uphold your commitment to providing a secure and welcoming environment.



  • Safeguard your manufacturing workforce with a meticulous examination of backgrounds.
  • Strengthen workplace safety and adhere to stringent industry standards.


Enhance Your Arsenal: Consider a “Multi-State Criminal Search”

To truly cover all bases, we recommend complementing “Social Security and Address History PLUS” with our “Multi-State Criminal Search.” This additional layer of scrutiny ensures you leave no stone unturned in your quest for a secure and reliable workforce. Strengthen your due diligence practices and fortify your HR strategy by considering this powerful combination.

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Alliance Risk Group, Inc. is a trusted provider of comprehensive employment background screenings for talent acquisition and HR professionals throughout the United States and globally. Our services are designed to minimize risk and ensure compliance, safeguarding your organization’s employees, clients, and reputation.

Our post-hire background investigations include innovative solutions like Overwatch Continuous Criminal Monitoring SM and Infinity Screening, which provide ongoing rescreening throughout an employee’s tenure. By partnering with Alliance Risk Group, your organization benefits from a company dedicated to compliance and risk mitigation, effectively minimizing threats and securing your workforce.

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“Alliance Risk Group is a dependable team that ensures the City of Albany makes informed hiring decisions, giving us peace of mind. Their commitment to our best practices and the well-being of our workforce makes them our trusted partners.”
Tatiana Diaz

Director of Human Resources, City of Albany, NY

“Alliance brings a new level of efficiency that rivals any other provider out there. No more fumbling with handwritten forms or compliance issues. Everything you need is easily accessible and up-to-date in the portal. But Alliance isn’t just a reporting tool – they offer guidance and context so that you can make informed decisions. Plus, the turnaround time is unparalleled, with speedy screenings and prompt request processing.

When you need a partner that’s efficient, communicative, and timely, choose Alliance.”

Michaela DiGiacomo

Director of Human Resources, United group

“There are many background check providers out there but what sets Alliance apart from everyone else is their great service. They go above and beyond for their customers providing personalized support, quick turnarounds and multiple check ins and updates throughout the background check process. I could not be happier with this company!”
Morgan Gidley

Senior Director, People Operations / Talent Acquisition, K & A


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