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Alliance Risk Group has worked with all industries providing services to every market segment that relies on trustworthy background investigations. Alliance prepares industry-specific solutions and provides recommendations based upon what others in similar businesses are performing. Our easy to use web-based system allows you to request, obtain and track customized background check reports 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The investigations are customizable to your specific industry, fully integrated and able to link to ANY applicant tracking system. Let us structure a solution for you!

This is an overview of our popular searches, however, Alliance handles many more! If there is a search not listed that you’d like us to conduct, we can assist! For more information, email or give us a call!

You can schedule a webinar with one of our experienced staff members to review the different searches available, review clients/subcontractors requirements for background investigations, demo our secure website, review the background investigation process, review sample reports and answer any questions you may have.

Social Security and Address History Search

This search is conducted by running the applicant’s social security number through a database, which will populate a list of previous residences in which the applicant has lived. This data is compiled from applicants’ utility bills, credit and loan applications, and the like. Any alias or maiden names previously used by the applicant will also appear in this search. Should any additional areas or names appear within the previous 7 years, the client will be notified and asked whether they would like additional searches on each additional name and area. This search also verifies the validity of the social security number provided by the applicant.

This search is a building block of every background investigation!

Why is this search so important?
  • Verifies the validity of the social security number and issue date
  • Provides a list of names and aliases used
  • Provides a list of addresses reported and associated with the applicant
Statewide Criminal Search

Statewide Searches are available in most states.

A search of statewide criminal convictions for misdemeanors and felonies in a state. Most states require a statewide statutory fee to conduct this search. New York State searches are conducted through the Office of Court Administration. (See Pros and Cons Below)

  • PROS
    • Generally, felony & misdemeanor records throughout the entire state
    • Comprehensive, includes many jurisdictions and several towns and villages
    • Eliminates need to search counties as it covers ALL jurisdictions with most states, with some exceptions
  • CONS
    • Statutory Fees ($96 in NY!), generally less in others
    • Requires additional due-diligence if an adverse record is found
    • Not available in several states
    • Not all areas are reporting to state, some smaller towns/jurisdictions not reporting

Federal Criminal Search

This is a criminal search at the federal level. Federal crimes include bank robbery, drug trafficking, embezzlement, crimes that cross state lines and crimes that occur on federal property such as a military base. The federal-level criminal convictions search is based upon jurisdiction of residency.

  • Misdemeanor – A minor crime, punishable by fine or confinement in other than prison (local jail/county correctional facility.) EXAMPLES INCLUDE:  petit larceny, DWI, assault, battery
  • Felony – A serious crime that is punishable by more than one year of imprisonment up to death by execution. EXAMPLES INCLUDE:  rape, murder, burglary, serious drug-related offenses
National Sex Offender Registry Search

The National Sex Offender Registry consist of all States, the District of Columbia, U.S. Territories, and Indian Country for levels 2 and 3.  We conduct statewide Sex Offender Registry searches through the National database based on the areas the applicant has resided in within the last 7 years.  In New York State, we search for Levels 1, 2, and 3 in the Sex Offender Registry.

Information on Level 1 offenders is not available in all states when conducting research as the Sex Offender Registry Board does not have the authority to disseminate information identifying Level 1 offenders in certain states.  Level 1 offender information is, however, available via written request in New York State through the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services. (Which is covered by Alliance Risk Group when searching New York.)

In addition, Level 1 offenses, in which a conviction was obtained, may appear in a Statewide Criminal Search result in other states depending on the reporting of each individual state. Please contact a representative from Alliance for more information about a state or area.

The sex offender registry search is conducted by the exact name, date of birth, and area. Should an applicant appear on the registry, the client will promptly be notified.

National Criminal Search

Searches a national database to identify criminal convictions. The National Criminal Search identifies possible adverse findings or criminal records throughout various jurisdictions in the United States. It is an ideal way to uncover information from multiple jurisdictions because everything from traffic and moving violations to serious criminal offenses are recorded. The National Criminal Search is a vital tool to quickly discover where a person may have a possible criminal record.

Multi-jurisdictional (National)
  • PROS
    • “National” Coverage
    • Fast Turnaround Time
  • CONS
    • Not comprehensive
    • Often not accurate and missing information
    • Does not limit liability
    • Requires additional research
County Civil Search

A countywide civil search researches a specific county for liens, judgments, civil cases and bankruptcies that may be listed in the applicant records. This search is conducted by exact name and date of birth. We may need to also verify the applicants address and/or middle initial depending on the information stored in the civil records. This is a county level search for civil court records. Civil records are generally divided between the upper and the lower courts based on the monetary amount of the claim. Alliance will always search both the upper and lower courts for our clients. Civil records contain records of lawsuits, small claims, and judgments, and other money related matters.

Federal Civil Search

The Federal Civil Records Search is a District level search for civil cases filed in United States District, Bankruptcy, and Appellate Courts. Report results include comprehensive docket summary information, including returns file date, parties involved, cause of action and case status when cases are uncovered. A few Federal District court fees impose access fees.

DMV Searches

The driver’s license history search is conducted by running the applicant’s driver’s license number through the DMV database. This search will verify the status of an applicant’s driver’s license as valid, suspended, or other. It will also populate a list of any traffic infractions by the applicant, such as DWI’s, speeding, accidents, failures to appear in court, etc. Should any adverse findings be discovered, the report will be flagged, so the client will be alerted.

NYS LENS Program

LENS is an automated reporting system. It reviews the driver license records of your organization’s drivers and reports changes to you by email, on DMV business days.

LENS can notify you about the following events when they post to your drivers’ license records:

  • Accidents (Reportable)
  • Convictions
  • Expirations
  • HazMat (Hazardous Material) endorsement changes
  • MedCert (Medicat Certification) status changes
  • Point and Insurance Reduction Program Completions
  • License Status Changes
  • Suspensions and Revocations

LENS data service gathers daily information from DMV’s drivers’ license file and reports new information.

Benefits include:

  • Confidence in the credentials of your drivers
  • Determination of a driver’s license status immediately
  • Ability to produce an abstract at any time (including CDL abstracts)
  • Identification of problem drivers
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Preparation for DOT & Insurance audits
DOT Employment Verification

49 CFR Verifications – The Federal 49 CFR search verifies the safety performance history of all the applicants driving positions within the past three years. During this verification process, we ask each employer to fill out a 49 CFR form for the applicants driving positions which outline the applicant’s performance history, dates of employment, previous accidents and drug and alcohol information.

*If you would like information on full DOT requirements, please contact our office and we can provide you with our DOT partners’ contact information.

Credit Report - Depending on the role and responsibility of the employee

The legal use of credit reports during background investigations depends upon many factors including the role and responsibility of the employee. Conducting a credit report is illegal in many states for pre-employment purposes unless you have a permissible purpose based on the applicant position.

  • Employment Credit Reports provide insight into an applicant’s credit history and identifies trade accounts, credit limits, balances and payment history.
  • Illegal to use as a means to make an employment decision in CA, CO, CT, IL, MD, VT, WA, DE, HI, NV, OR.
  • Some cities have also passed laws – including Chicago, NYC and additional legislation pending in several other states.


  • Discriminatory and Subjective.
  • Per SHRM, 47 percent of employers conduct credit on some or all applicants.
  • Pending Senate Bill proposed to prohibit employers from asking applicants to disclose credit history.
Bankruptcy/Liens/Judgment Search

The Bankruptcy, Liens and Judgments Search is a great alternative to credit reports. Use this search when applicable to position(s). Benefits of the Bankruptcy, Liens and Judgment Search:

  • Comprehensive, non-discriminatory
  • Clear/Black and White
  • Identifies major red flags that would be issues in a hiring decision
  • Similar information as a credit report, but non-discriminatory and non-invasive

Be aware that there are guidelines and restrictions with regard to reporting on adverse findings as they relate to specific background investigations. To learn more about the time frames and what is reportable, please contact one of our FCRA certified experts or download our blog regarding State FCRA Laws and Best Practices!

Office of Inspector General (OIG) Search

The Office of the Inspector General search is conducted by individual name and searches all active exclusion records that have been entered by the Federal government, identifying those parties excluded from federally funded health care programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid. It is important to note that anyone who hires an individual on the exclusions list may be subject to civil monetary penalties.

Healthcare Compliance Search - includes all required debarment and blocked person's lists

The healthcare compliance search includes all required debarment and blocked person’s lists. This is a proprietary search of Alliance Risk Group and includes but is not limited to: OIG Health & Human Services Exclusion List, Department of Health Services Debarment Lists, FDA Debarment List, Adult Abuse Lists, all debarment lists required for healthcare laws and sanctions.

Healthcare Sanction Monitoring

Per the Department of Health and Human Services requirements, we will continually monitor your current employees by checking the Healthcare Sanction database on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

Office of Medicaid Inspector General

Medicaid seeks to ensure that the medical providers participating in the program are professional, ethical, and provide recipients with quality healthcare services. When it is determined that a provider should no longer be eligible to participate in the program due to their unethical behavior, the individual or the entity is placed on a list of excluded providers.

Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Search

This search allows US firms to ensure they are not doing business with individuals or firms being sanctioned by the US or individuals involved in terrorist, narcotics and other disreputable activities that could negatively affect the company. All organizations both big and small need to be OFAC compliant.

OFAC Searches include:
  • U.S. Patriot Act Searches – Searches a government “terrorist” list of individuals wanted for questioning involving possible financial crimes.
  • Nonproliferation Sanctions – The United States imposes sanctions under various legal authorities against foreign individuals, private entities, and governments that engage in proliferation activities.
  • Parties Engaged in Proliferation Sanction List – Sanction List that focuses on foreign individuals, private entities, and government agencies that engage in proliferation activities.
Extended Global Sanctions (GSA) Search

The General Services Administration search is conducted by individual name and searches all active exclusion records that have been entered by the Federal government, identifying those parties excluded from receiving Federal contracts, certain subcontracts, and certain types of Federal financial and non-financial assistance and benefits.

E-Verify Search

E-Verify is used to verify an applicant’s legal eligibility to work in the United States, as either a U.S. citizen or a foreign citizen with necessary authorization. This verification requires a signed I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification Form) from the new hire. This form is then submitted to the Social Security Administration and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to determine whether the information matches government records and whether the new hire is authorized. We are required to conduct the E-Verify searches within 3+/- business days from the employees start date. This verification process may only be conducted once an applicant is hired. A dispute process is built into the verification system.

Infinity Screening

Infinity Screening continuously screens employees during their employment on a bi-yearly, yearly or quarterly basis. Also referred to as “continuous screening” it is a post-hire background investigation that continuously investigates employees at various intervals, post-hire, throughout the employee’s time with the company.

Depending on the package, Alliance can conduct the following screenings:
  • SSN Verification
  • Address History
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Drivers’ License Search
  • Statewide Complete Convictions
  • Countywide Felony Convictions
  • Federal Criminal Convictions
  • US Patriot Act (Government Terrorist Watch List)

This service allows organizations to gather up-to-date information concerning their employees and assist organizations in their decision-making processes regarding promotions, transfers etc.  Infinity screening also gives an organization legal recourse if the employee attempts to defraud or manipulate the company.

CBSV Search

Consent Based SSN Verification (CBSV) is the superlative methodology to validate Personally Identifiable Information (PII). CBSV matches the applicant Name, Date of Birth, and Social Security Number (SSN) against the official SSA Master File and Death Index. Each CBSV request is returned with an instantaneous “Successful”, “Unsuccessful”, or “Deceased” result. The SSA plans to launch Electronic CBSV (eCBSV) in May of 2021 which allows E-Signature. Click here to access Form SSA-89 (12-2020) Authorization for SSA to Release SSN Verification.

Income Tax Return and Employer Verification (ITRV)

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) administers an income and employer verification solution called Form 4506-C (Sept. 2020) IVES Request for Transcript of Tax Return. This search provides direct access to the official IRS database which mitigates fraud by matching the applicant or business name, SSN, ITIN or EIN and Address. It also prevents misrepresentation of employment by revealing employers omitted by the applicant and unequivocally confirms income. This is an excellent employer verification for up to 10 years.

Contact Alliance if you have questions.

Drug Screening

Alliance proudly serves all industries with state-of-the-art drug testing services, including electronic chain of custody and monitoring. Alliance prides itself on working with clients to ensure that the entire investigative process is seamless and compliant. We offer hair drug testing, alcohol testing, and oral fluid testing.

Alliance Risk Group offers the following drug screening services:
  • Random Drug Screening
  • Pre-employment Drug Screening
  • Reasonable Suspicion
  • Post-Accident
  • Return to Work

Drug testing comes in four forms:  urine, hair, blood, oral fluid. We offer hair (5, 5+, 9+, 12) and urine (5, 9, 10, 10+) testing panel drug screenings at either Labcorp or Quest.

Employment Verification

Employment verifications are conducted by contacting the applicants’ current and previous employers. Typically, we will verify applicants’ previous employment over the past 7 to 10 years. The information we obtain includes, but is not limited to position held, hire and termination date, wage/salary, type/status, and reason for leaving. This information is verified through the Human Resources department in which employee records are kept. Per company policy, many entities are only able to verify the position held and start and end date for employees. However, the effort to obtain all information will always be made. Our efforts include 5 attempts to contact the employers. Should we find a discrepancy in the information provided by the applicant and the information provided by the employer, the report will be flagged, and the responsibility will fall on the applicant should he/she wish to dispute such discrepancy. We also flag an employment verification if we were unable to compete the verification for whatever reason.

Professional License Verification

This search is conducted to verify vital information regarding licensed professionals who offer services, including the licensee’s name, profession, license number, location, date of original license, registration status, and any disciplinary action taken on such license.

Professional License Monitoring

We will continually monitor the applicants professional license to ensure the license is still valid and there are no disciplinary actions against the employee.

Professional Reference Verification

Reference verifications are conducted by contacting individuals, provided by the applicant or client, with whom they have worked in a professional capacity or know personally. Examples include, but are not limited to, supervisors, colleagues, and clients. Upon contacting each professional reference, a series of questions are asked relating to the applicants’ skills and abilities in a work environment. Five attempts will be made to speak with each reference via telephone and/or email. We have a set of 25 questions that we ask the personal or professional references. If preferred, our clients can provide their own set of questions.

S.A.F.E.R.-Staffing Automation for Healthcare Facilities & Essential Reverifications (Credentialing)

Alliance offers a solution for busy healthcare and staffing administrators responsible for getting the right employees in place and properly vetted in a hurry. S.A.F.E.R. (Staffing Automation for Healthcare Facilities & Essential Reverifications) is an automatic verification and monitoring application designed for compliance officers, operation managers, provider network directors, and any professional involved in medical staffing, onboarding and credentialing. The S.A.F.E.R. program interface consolidates the credentialing process for new hires and confirms that care givers and health care workers have the qualifications they claim they have. S.A.F.E.R. also provides on-going monitoring of existing employees to reverify their records are clean and licenses are current. S.A.F.E.R. audit-ready credentialing eliminates risks for healthcare employers, co-workers, patients, and clients. This convenient solution saves time, money and gives peace of mind by providing direct access to hundreds of primary sources that can automate verifications in seconds.

These include State Licenses, Certifications, and National Provider Identifier Standard (NPI) – a unique identification number for covered health care providers that must be used in administrative and financial transactions adopted under HIPAA.

Reverification Monitoring
Intelligent healthcare monitoring provides notifications instantly when potential compliance issues occur. You will be warned when licenses have expired or have status changes. It will also alert you when there have been NPI or OIG status changes. Real-time notifications remove delays that could impact your network.

Contact to get set up with S.A.F.E.R. hiring decisions. Ask about Staffing Automation for Healthcare Facilities & Essential Reverifications!

Education Verification

Education verifications are conducted by contacting the applicants’ educational institutions in which they received their highest degree. Current enrollment may also be verified for internships, applicants who are minors, and per client request. The information we obtain includes, but may not be limited to, graduation date, degree received, major(s), GPA, and honors claimed. This information is obtained through the registrar’s office or guidance office, depending on the type of institution. General Education Diplomas may also be verified. Five attempts at verification will be made. Should we find a discrepancy in the information provided by the applicant and the information provided by the educational facility, the report will be flagged, and the responsibility will fall on the applicant should he/she wish to dispute such discrepancy.

Compliance Sanction Search

A proprietary search of Alliance Risk Group that includes but is not limited to: Politically Exposed Persons List, FBI Most Wanted, Interpol List, Boy Scouts of America Exclusions List, ATS Debarment Lists, Denied Party List, specific state debarment lists, Office of Comptroller of Currency List, Terrorism Knowledge Base, DEA Most Wanted, US Postal Service Most Wanted US Immigration and Customs Most Wanted and much more.

NAIC Biographical Verification Report

As an approved vendor for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Alliance Risk Group is a nationally recognized agency with experience performing Biographical Verification Reports (a.k.a. background investigations.) Insurer’s requesting an independent verification report should send the completed copy of the individual’s NAIC Biographical Affidavit and Authority for Release of Information form.

  • Rate: $395 plus statutory fees
  • Alliance Risk Group – NAIC Biographical Verification Report:
    • Subject’s Basic Information
    • Address Verification for the Past 10 Years
    • Employment Verification
    • Education Verification
    • Professional License Verification
    • Professional Association Verification
    • Bankruptcy
    • Lien & Judgment
    • Criminal Records Search
    • Civil Records Search
    • UCC Filings

To get started please call (518) 514-2944 or email

Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations involve claims of harassment, discrimination, misconduct, fraud and work rule violations. Following an impartial and comprehensive investigation that includes detailed witness interviews and a review of all relevant documentary evidence in the context of applicable law, policy and rule, detailed findings of fact, reasoned conclusions and recommendations are provided in a confidential written post-investigation report.

Thorough, discreet and timely Workplace Investigations are conducted on behalf of both private and public sector clients. Workplace Investigations provide the information and analysis needed to make sound and credible personnel decisions while minimizing liability, avoiding conflicts of interest and protecting confidential information.

Social Media Search

Searches the most common social networking sites, national and local newspapers and electronic news articles for the applicant’s name and/or email address. Social media background investigations should be used prior to hiring an applicant and throughout the course of employment. It is vital to protect your reputation, workplace safety and information security. With a combination of software automation and experienced social media analysts, we can identify a candidate’s potentially problematic online activity and provide you with an FCRA Compliant report to use in your hiring decisions. To view sample social media hiring reports, go to

Overwatch Continuous Criminal Monitoring

Have your existing employees been arrested post hire? Mitigate risk, maintain a safe work environment and avoid lawsuits with OverwatchSM continuous criminal monitoring. OverwatchSM is a solution which can proactively alert you to criminal activity among your existing workforce including embezzlement, theft, assault and more. According to some studies, nearly 12% of an employers’ workforce may be arrested, in some cases repeatedly, within the next five years. In many industries, that statistic is just too dangerous to overlook. In addition to pre-hire background screening, potential criminal activity should be monitored throughout the course of employment. Mitigate risk with OverwatchSM continuous criminal monitoring – Email

CEO Mario Pecoraro recently published “Avoiding Costly Hiring Mistakes” available on Amazon.  You can download the introduction here!