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Will Marijuana Impact a Drug Test?

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Will marijuana impact a drug test?

Will marijuana impact a drug test?


If you are undergoing a drug test, you might be wondering whether marijuana use will show up on your test. Many drug tests, especially those called five-panel tests, include a check for marijuana. Five-panel tests are the most common kind of drug tests conducted in pre-employment background screening, so in all likelihood, yours will test for marijuana. However, recreational use of marijuana is now legal in nine states–Alaska, California, Oregon, Nevada, Washington, Colorado, Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts. Some large companies are increasingly opting out of drug testing in states where it is now allowed recreationally. In certain instances, they may continue to drug test in other states where they have employees if it is not legal there. Look into the rules in your state and determine the rules of the company to which you’re applying before engaging in recreational marijuana use ahead of a drug test.

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