What constitutes fraud?What constitutes fraud?

According to the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board, “People who submit a false claim are committing fraud. People who get hurt participating in a leisure activity on Sunday and report it on Monday as a work-related accident are committing fraud. Employers who misclassify their employees or payroll are committing fraud. Health care providers who submit false medical reports or inflated bills are committing fraud. Attorneys who solicit a person to file a false claim, or insurance carriers who alter evidence to support a denial of benefits, are committing fraud.” In other words, fraud is perpetrated by a number of parties for a number of reasons. This diversity of risk underscores the necessity of having a dedicated investigative team on your side. It’s possible for any member of your team to commit fraud, whether directly or in support of someone else under your employ. Due diligence and careful monitoring is essential when it comes to reducing these risks.