How Social Media 
Helps Surveil 
Workers' Comp 
Claims Investigations

In the world of workers’ compensation claims investigations, surveillance has become a critical tool for insurance companies and employers to combat fraudulent claims. With the increasing use of social media, investigators can gather even more information to strengthen their cases. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of how social media helps surveil.


According to a study by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, workers’ compensation fraud costs the insurance industry billions of dollars each year. In fact, the study estimates that up to 25% of workers’ compensation claims are fraudulent. This is a significant number and can be detrimental to businesses, resulting in increased premiums and decreased profitability.

One way to combat fraudulent claims is through surveillance. Surveillance involves observing claimants to determine if their reported injuries are legitimate. Investigators can use various techniques to monitor claimants, such as video surveillance, GPS tracking, and social media monitoring. By using surveillance, investigators can gather evidence to support or refute a claim.

One of the biggest benefits of surveillance is its ability to uncover fraudulent claims. In some cases, claimants may exaggerate their injuries or claim to be more incapacitated than they are. By conducting surveillance, investigators can obtain evidence that proves the claimant is not being truthful, which can save insurance companies and employers a significant amount of money.

Surveillance can also be used to determine the legitimacy of a claim. In some cases, a claimant may be legitimately injured but may be exaggerating the extent of their injuries or claiming that the injury was work-related when it was not. Surveillance can help to verify the legitimacy of the claim and ensure that the claimant receives appropriate compensation.


Social Media Helps Surveil:

In recent years, social media has become an increasingly important tool in workers’ comp claims investigations. With the majority of people having at least one social media account, investigators can gain access to a wealth of information about claimants.

Social media can provide valuable information about a claimant’s activities and lifestyle, which can help to verify or refute their claims. For example, if a claimant is claiming to be too injured to work, but is posting pictures of themselves engaging in physical activities on social media, this can be used as evidence to refute their claims.

Social media can also be used to identify potential witnesses or to locate information that can be used to strengthen a case. For example, if a claimant is claiming to have been injured on the job due to a specific event, social media may reveal evidence that contradicts their claims.

Alliance Risk Group, Inc. is a leading provider of investigations and surveillance services. Our team of experienced investigators uses cutting-edge technology and techniques to gather evidence in workers’ compensation claims. We offer a range of services, including video surveillance and social media monitoring.

Recent statistics show the effectiveness of surveillance and social media monitoring in workers’ comp claims investigations. According to a report by the National Council on Compensation Insurance, the use of surveillance in workers’ compensation claims has increased by 30% in the past decade. The report also found that surveillance was successful in approximately 75% of cases where it was used.

Similarly, social media monitoring has become a valuable tool in workers’ comp claims investigations. A study by the National Law Review found that 70% of employers use social media to investigate workers’ compensation claims. Of those, 67% reported that social media monitoring uncovered fraudulent claims.

The benefits of surveillance and social media monitoring in workers’ compensation claim investigations are clear. By gathering evidence to support or refute a claim, businesses can save money and prevent fraud. Additionally, these techniques can expedite the investigation process, leading to faster resolution of claims.



The benefits of surveillance and social media in workers’ comp claims investigations are clear. By using these tools, insurance companies and employers can obtain valuable information that can be used to verify the legitimacy of a claim, uncover fraudulent claims, and save money. If you are an insurance company or employer looking to improve your workers’ comp claims investigations, consider working with a trusted partner like Alliance Risk Group, Inc. With their expertise in investigations and technology, they can help you to obtain the information you need to make informed decisions about your claims

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