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Four Examples Where Background Investigation Due Diligence Paid Off

Pre-employment background investigations are absolutely essential to hiring loyal, honest, employees with a clean history. Failure to conduct thorough background checks can cause more problems than you might think. Our latest white paper explores the near-misses many of our clients have avoided thanks to background checks. Download it today and you’ll learn more about:


  1. Alias names

Court records are filed by the exact name and date of birth given at the time of arrest or arraignment. As such, it’s easy to miss criminal records that might be filed under an applicant’s alias or nickname. Our background investigation coordinators always send possible aliases to our clients and suggest they be searched. Learn more about a close call one of our clients had with an alias name by downloading our latest white paper!


  1. Multi-State Criminal Searches

The Multi-State Criminal Search database relies on the voluntary reporting of agencies in various jurisdictions, and it is not always completely accurate. It also requires additional due-diligence when an adverse finding is returned, due to its potential for inaccuracies. If you’d like to learn more about how we caught an applicant with a serious criminal record in another state, check out our white paper!


  1. Sex Offender Registry Searches

The Sex Offender Registry has three levels, based upon an offender’s risk of committing another sex crime and the potential harm to the community. Level 1 is considered the lowest risk, and Level 3 is the highest. Most states only release Level 2 or Level 3 Sexual Offender information, but we go a step further and submit requests for each state to search Level 1 Sexual Offender Registry information. In a recent background investigation, this proved critical in uncovering a sex offender. Read more here!


  1. False Positives in Drug Testing

Certain products, like some teas and energy drinks, can produce a false positive result for marijuana in drug screenings. However, in a recent instance, we recommended a gas chromatography-mass spectrometry test to determine with certainty whether an applicant had used drugs. Download our whitepaper to learn more about this gold-standard test!


Want to learn more about other case studies or how you should best structure your organization’s background investigations? Email for more information or check out our website.