Overwatch Continuous Criminal Monitoring

Employee Criminal Monitoring Service


employee criminal monitoring service

  • Monitors and alerts employers of on-going employee arrest and criminal activity in real time
  • Fills in the gaps between pre-employment and periodic post-employment background investigations
  • Customizable subscription service that accesses the largest jail booking database in the country
  • Ongoing employee criminal status changes allows employers to take action sooner to protect your company from risk!

What is the safety of your clients, workforce and reputation worth to you?

For the price of a cup of coffee, you can monitor each employee you sign up to reduce post-hire workforce risk.

Whether you want to Monitor Certain Segments of Your Workforce

Or Customize the Alerts by the Seriousness of the Crime…

OverwatchSM Continuous Criminal Monitoring can be set up to fit your needs. We will provide FCRA compliant reports that will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your workforce, customers and reputation are safe!

Is your population at risk?

employee criminal monitoring service

According to some studies, nearly 12% of an employers’ workforce may be arrested, in some cases repeatedly, within the next five years. In many industries, that statistic is just too dangerous to overlook!

In addition to pre-hire background screening, potential criminal activity should be monitored throughout the course of employment.

Many industries would benefit from this service!

employee criminal monitoring service

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employee criminal monitoring service

employee criminal monitoring service

employee criminal monitoring service