Alliance Risk Group is Certified by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA)

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PBSA/FCRA Basic Certificate

After joining our company, Alliance Risk Group Background Investigators complete five training webinars and pass an exam to receive 2-Year Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) Certification in the FCRA Basic Program. Basic certification provides a core understanding of foundational information core to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Alliance Risk Group supports staff in the Basic Certification Program which demonstrates a commitment to compliance throughout our organization.

Alliance Risk Group Background Investigators learn…

  • The basic FCRA concepts and terminology and some of the limitations on data that can be included in consumer reports
  • The basic rights and duties of end users, furnishers, resellers and consumers under the FCRA
  • Consumer litigation and regulatory enforcement actions under FCRA
  • Principal state law variants of the FCRA

PBSA/FCRA Advanced Certificate

After completing Basic Certification, our Senior Background Investigation Coordinators complete the FCRA Advanced Certificate Program.  Offered at Professional Background Screening Association Conferences, the course includes a live seminar followed by a written exam. There is also an option to participate in six training webinars and pass an exam.

Alliance Risk Group Senior Background Investiagors learn…

  • What is and is not considered a “Consumer Report” under the FCRA
  • What constitutes “maximum possible accuracy” under FCRA law
  • Disclosure and authorization form compliance
  • Adverse public record information compliance
  • Full file disclosure compliance
  • Implications of recent litigation

PBSA Criminal Research Provider

PBSA Criminal Research Provider, Alliance Risk Group, Background Check Best Practices

The Background Investigation division is led by Teresa Goodwin, MBA, Director of the Background Investigative Division. She has FCRA Advanced Certification and is a PBSA Criminal Research Provider which demonstrates a knowledge of responsibilities as it relates to criminal history, FCRA compliance, data retention & security, and correcting information, disputes and complaints.

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