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Human Resources managers have been under attack by shady or unqualified applicants since the very beginning, but this has been increasing over time. To help job seekers with something to hide, numerous resources are becoming available to help them “beat the system.” These include a large number of step-by-step how-to articles, such as “How to Pass an Employment Reference and Background Check” and “How to Get a Job With a Bad Background Check.”

Keeping this in mind, Human Resources professionals are now facing the fact that the average cost to settle a “negligent hire” case is $1 million dollars. When it comes to making hiring decisions—which are already more complex than ever—this financial risk speaks for itself.

More and more hiring managers are realizing that background investigations need to be completely thorough or else hiring decisions carry increasing risks. Before choosing a background investigation service, it’s important to do a bit of an investigation yourself.

Here are three questions to ask when choosing a background investigation service to ensure that you avoid risk:

  • Does the background check company offer a full range of services that will cover all of your hiring needs?
  • Does the background investigation service have a reputable background itself throughout its industry?
  • Does the background check service ensure the highest level of due diligence and compliance to all employment laws and regulations (especially regarding non-discrimination).

By simply asking the same sorts of questions you might ask job candidates, you can ensure your select the best background check service for your needs.

Founded in January 2005, Alliance Risk Group. provides assistance for the entire hiring & background investigation process—from policy implementation to post-hire support. We pride ourselves in performing exhaustive due diligence through all phases of the process, especially when a decision not to hire is being considered.