Unveiling ARG’s Comprehensive National Criminal Search

The National Criminal Search accesses a national database of more than 500 million misdemeanor and felony records that encompasses thousands of jurisdictions. This search is a collaboration of local, county, and statewide records from various regions throughout the United States. The database name is a bit of a misnomer in that it does not cover the entire nation. We usually refer to this type of search as a Multi-State Criminal Search instead because the database includes very spotty court participation and requires actual source verification prior to being utilized in background investigations.  Like any search it has its pros and cons. For example, this search features a fast turn-around time and is an ideal way to uncover information from multiple jurisdictions because everything from traffic and moving violations to serious criminal offenses are recorded. It is a vital tool to quickly discover where a person may have a possible criminal record. On the other hand, it often contains databases of incarceration, Department of Motor Vehicle records, and other random sources that independently are not compliant with the FCRA. While not ideal as a standalone search, the National Criminal Search is often used as a supplemental tool to complement other searches. It is a great starting point to discover where a person may have a possible criminal record, but additional research should be conducted by a licensed Credit Reporting Agency in order to ensure that nothing detrimental in the applicant’s background investigation is being overlooked.