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Why PCI Packages Can Revolutionize Your Fraud Investigations

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PCI Packages

Prior to any insurance fraud investigation, it’s critical to conduct a Preliminary Claimant Investigation (PCI). These comprehensive background checks provide the actionable intelligence required to implement an effective surveillance strategy. Read on to learn more about what a PCI entails.


In many instances, investigative firms send their investigators out into the field cold, with nothing more than a claimant’s name and address. In the digital age, this is a completely inefficient approach. There is a tremendous amount of information available via databases and on the internet that can help investigators pin down the activities and whereabouts of a claimant. In turn, this will help lead to a more fruitful and informed investigation.


Alliance Risk Group’s PCIs include all of the following: Social Security/Address History check, DBA/Assumed Business Filings, Federal Criminal Search, National Criminal Search, Statewide Criminal Search, Countywide Civil Search, Federal Civil Search, Department of Corrections check, Compliance Sanction Search, National Sex Offender Registry, and Bankruptcy Liens & Judgments.


If you have strong reason to believe that one of your employees is misrepresenting their injuries, contact a licensed investigative firm. Alliance Risk Group has decades of industry experience and provides skilled investigators the best training and technology to ensure that due diligence is done. A PCI is a great place to start. Contact Alliance to order your PCI Package today!


For more information on strategies to combat workers’ compensation fraud, please contact us today! We are happy to answer any questions you might have and to help you strategize how best to approach an investigation into potential fraud. For information specific to PCI Packages, click here!


To read more about strategies that make workers’ compensation investigations successful, click here.


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