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The Importance of Conducting a Social Media Search in a Background Investigation

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A discussion about trends in pre-employment background investigations wouldn’t be complete without mentioning how to conduct a proper social media search.

A social media search is an important tool to use in background investigations. The purpose of a social media search is to identify adverse information which is a critical part of the employment process. Great intel can be be gleaned from the social media search.

Why use a Social Media Search as Part of an Investigation?

  • 70% of employers use a social media search as a tool to screen candidates
  • 51% of employers use a social media search to research current employees
  • The number of people who use social media is staggering! (3.196 Billion people are using social media – up from 13% last year
  • Those interested in conducting a social media search should know the top usage sites:
    • Facebook – 2.2 Billion
    • YouTube – 1.9 Billion
    • Instagram – 1 Billion
    • Twitter – 335 Million

Companies that conduct a Social Media Search can find adverse information that can help your business. Compliance, reputation and safety are primary factors.

What can a Social Media Search Discover?

  • Racist/Sexist or Discriminatory Behavior
  • Sexually Explicit Materials
  • Threats or Acts of Violence
  • Potential Illegal Activity

When a social media search is conducted properly, all protected class information is redacted.

For more information or to see sample social media search reports, click here:

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