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3 Reasons Background Investigations Are Critical in the Transportation Industries

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3 Reasons Background Investigations Are Critical in the Transportation Industries


3 Reasons Transportation Companies Need Background Checks

3 Reasons Transportation Companies Need Background Checks


Background investigations are important in all industries, but they are particularly critical for companies involved with public transportation. The responsibility, not to mention liability, associated with moving products or members of the public from place to place cannot be underestimated. Whether you hire bus drivers or truck drivers, having employees whose work relates to the safety of the general public adds a level of responsibility to your hiring practices that should not be overlooked.


Recent events, like the tragic truck attack in Manhattan involving an off-duty Uber driver, underscore the importance of thorough background investigations. In the instance of that Uber driver, in fact, a background check had been conducted, but Uber opted to hire the man anyway despite his multiple traffic citations. Therefore, proper follow through on the findings of a thorough background check is also an important part of the safe hiring process.


Here are three key reasons why background investigations are necessary if your company is involved in the transportation industries.



1. The safety of others.


When you send your employees out onto the roadways or behind the controls of a train, plane, or boat, you are trusting them with the safety of everyone with whom they interact. It is your company’s responsibility to do its due diligence and protect the public from potential hires with a criminal record, driving violations, or a history of problems at work.



2. The reputation of your company.


As in the case of the Manhattan truck attack, an off-duty employee called into question the integrity of his employer’s hiring process. Since the Uber driver, now known to have violent tendencies, also had a history of driving violations but was hired anyway, it’s very easy for the public to question their safety with any of the company’s drivers. It only takes one accident or incident to send customers towards a competitor.


Conducting a thorough background investigation can put your company on the right path to ensuring a safe, quality experience for your customers. Whether you transport people or products, you should be able to trust your employees to uphold company values and put safety first.



3. The protection of your products and vehicles.


In addition to the well-being of those around them, your employees are also responsible for the safety of your company’s vehicles, products, and equipment. If a potential hire has a history of theft, criminal convictions, or a spotty driving record, your financial investments could be at risk. Checking up on these and other aspects of your employees’ past is a necessary step to ensuring your peace of mind.

Conducting thorough pre-employment background screenings is a critical part of engaging in safe hiring practices. Knowing what to do with adverse findings is also an important aspect of employee onboarding. Alliance Risk Group is a certified background screening company and is well-versed in FCRA guidelines and the legalities of what can and can’t be used in determining hiring decisions. Have questions about what your transportation company can be doing to better protect itself? Contact us for more information, or schedule a free webinar today!

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