Join CEO Mario Pecoraro as he presents, “Four Unconventional Methods to Make the Right Hiring Decisions” This webinar to offer free SHRM credits (1.25 PDCs) – REGISTER TODAY!


webinar to offer free SHRM credits (1.25 PDCs)

Webinar to offer free SHRM credits (1.25 PDCs)


Need Free SHRM Credits? This webinar to offer 1.25 SHRM PDCs.

The business of hiring is dramatically changing as we begin the new year of 2022. The COVID pandemic has…

  • Created remote workforces in numbers that did not exist before
  • Negatively impacted turnaround times related to background investigations due to court shutdowns and court slowdowns
  • Caused a mass exodus or “Great Resignation” from employment rolls.

Other Recent Changes:

  • More stringent requirements were enacted on state and federal levels related to “fair chance” legislation which forbids asking applicants about criminal convictions usually until after a tentative hiring offer is made.
  • Criminal records are being expunged and bail reform has changed the reliability of some criminal conviction records.

While these legal policies were created with fairness and justice in hiring in mind, employers still need to ensure who they hire will align with their company’s core values and not pose a threat to co-workers or clients. The cost of a bad hire or a Negligent Hiring lawsuit is too great a risk to take chances.

This webinar will review four unconventional ways to conduct thorough background investigations in spite of court closures, business disruptions and jail reform policies. The goal is to hire the best applicants with fairness, protect workers and clients, and onboard candidates that will be a perfect match for your company culture!

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