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Should Healthcare Facilities do Background Checks?

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Should healthcare facilities do background checks?

Should healthcare facilities do background checks?

Pre-employment background investigations are important in all industries. In the healthcare industry, however, they couldn’t be more critical. Medical professionals are privy to extensive amounts of confidential information and are responsible for the well-being of patients. It is the responsibility of healthcare facilities to ensure that their hires are qualified, safe, and reliable choices. There is little more important than the welfare of your facility’s patients. That’s why your company exists–to be sure your patients are healthy and stay healthy. In addition, HIPAA laws are strict when it comes to how medical information should be treated. From staff members working in billing to surgeons, your facility’s employees should undergo pre-employment checks of professional references, criminal records, and more to get a better sense of their ethical qualities. There are no guarantees when it comes to security, but knowing that your new hires have been honest in the past can help with hiring decisions. A 2011 report by the United States Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General indicates that 92% of nursing facilities employed at least one individual with a criminal conviction. That statistic is staggering, and it is something that a thorough background screening process can help to prevent.

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