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Introducing Remotely-Operated StealthCam® Surveillance Services

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Remotely-Operated StealthCam Surveillance Services - Alliance StealthCam Stationary Covert Surveillance System

Alliance StealthCam®
Stationary Covert Surveillance System

The Alliance StealthCam® is another tool in our investigative arsenal! The StealthCam® will save you time and money while increasing the likelihood of gaining actionable intelligence on comprehensive claims investigations where fraud is suspected.


  • Monitors claimants remotely which decreases the chances of being noticed
  • Captures meticulous activity with high-definition video, and pan/tilt/zoom technology
  • Runs continuously with motion detection that alerts investigators when movement is sensed


  • Is only positioned in areas that comply with state and federal laws
  • Weather resistant and covertly designed to be placed in plain sight without being detected


  • Establishes patterns of behavior – eliminating wasted, on-scene investigator time
  • A solution to probe stale suspected fraud cases to jump start an investigation
  • Following review of StealthCam® preliminary video evidence, an informed recommendation on the need for further investigator surveillance is provided

Want to Know if Alliance’s Remotely-Operated StealthCam® Services are Right for Your Assignment?

Contact one of our representatives for a consultation! If you have questions, feel free to email  Assignments can be emailed directly to or delivered through our case management portal:


Dan Tompkins, Sr. Acct. Mgr,, Comprehensive Claims Investigations

Daniel Tompkins
Senior Account Manager
Mobile: 518.366.9677
HQ: 800.579.2911
Clifton Park, New York

Dan Bills, Florida Regional Manager, Alliance Risk Group

Dan Bills
Florida Regional Manager
Mobile: 239.271.7544
West Palm Beach, Florida

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