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Q & A with Mario Pecoraro, CEO of Alliance Risk Group.

Q: What is infinity screening?

A: Infinity Screening or continuous screening is a posthire background investigation that continuously investigates an employee’s background at various intervals post-hire, throughout the employee’s time with the company. This service allows an organization to gather up to date information concerning their employees and assist organizations in their decision making processes regarding promotions, transfers etc. Organizations can better manage their employees, human resources issues, as well as a candidate’s potential impact on the organization much easier with the assistance of infinity screening. Infinity screening also gives an organization legal recourse if the employee attempts to defraud or manipulate the company.

Q: Why are post-hire employment background investigations critical to organizations?

A: Post hire employment background investigations are invaluable to the hiring process for all types of organizations. Most candidates are screened prior to being hired and typically never screened again throughout the course of employment. According to The National Institute for the Prevention of Workplace Violence, this can be problematic for organizations seeking to reduce incidents of Workplace Violence. An employee could lose their driver’s license, professional license or even commit a crime without the employer finding out. An employee is viewed as an extension of the organization, so organizations should know more about each employee. Post-hire background investigations are meant to protect the organization and minimize the negative impact an employee’s actions could have on the organization. Infinity screening is a routine screening process that could potentially save your organization in legal fees, lost productivity and costs associated with selection/retention of a new employee.

Q: What are some of the statistics associated with Workplace Violence as they relate to post-hire situations in organizations?

A: The National Institute for the Prevention of Workplace Violence released Ten Key Lessons from Recent Workplace Violence Incidents. According to the study, too many organizations fall prey to the belief that once a pre-employment assessment/background investigation is satisfactorily passed that an employees’ behavior will remain good over the lifetime of their employment. This belief is nullified by the fact that 64% of fraud incidents are perpetrated by employees, and incidents of employees stealing identities, information and property are rampant. Employees are responsible for more than 60% of losses due to fraud, information and property thefts.

Q: What can organizations do to protect themselves?

A: Organizations must be proactive to combat fraud by conducting infinity screening to identify problems and weed them out before serious damage is done. Many organizations make many assumptions when hiring an applicant. Organizations typically assume that if an employee begins employment with a clean record that the employee will continue to stay out of trouble while employed. Organizations should continuously monitor their employees to protect their organization from violence, theft or even homicide. Organizations must protect themselves by collecting information on their employees. Employees who have higher levels of responsibility should go through more intense and more frequent screening. Once an organization hires an employee, that employee becomes a trusted, intrinsic part of the organization whose criminal actions could negatively impact the organization. It is extremely important that an organization fully understands their employees backgrounds throughout the course of employment.

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