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How Can Our College or University Guard Against Sexual Harassment Allegations?

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How can our college or university guard against sexual harassment allegations?How can our college or university guard against sexual harassment allegations?


Claims of sexual harassment (and worse) have been rampant as of late. These are particularly problematic when young people are involved. Protecting the students at your college or university couldn’t be more critical. While it isn’t possible to know with 100-percent certainty that an administrator or professor won’t engage in such despicable behavior, a thorough vetting process pre-hire and periodic background follow-up checks post-hire can go a long way toward ensuring a safe campus.


Background investigations don’t just look at criminal records, though those can provide valuable insight into a person’s past. Education and employment verifications, in which a background investigator actually speaks to a past associate of your applicant, are hugely valuable. Colleagues, administrators, and supervisors often know more about an individual than a database search ever could. By ensuring that all employees undergo this sort of check, you can feel more comfortable about the individuals you bring onto your college campus.

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