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Finding Carries Permanent Revocation of Disability Benefits

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To view the 114-a decision made by the State of New York – Workers’ Compensation Board, click HERE. All identifying information has been redacted from the document.

In this case, the Claimant alleged an injury while working for the Insured. Our investigator conducted surveillance on multiple occasions.

The Claimant was observed plowing his driveway and driving to other homes in the neighborhood and clearing their driveways of snow….

Due to damaging surveillance evidence, our investigator was called to testify at the Workers’ Compensation Hearing.


Upon conclusion of the hearing, the judge ruled the Claimant to be in willful violation of the fraud statute based on material misrepresentations of fact and further ruled that the finding carried a permanent revocation of disability benefits.

Persistent surveillance efforts by Alliance Risk Group yields the most fruitful video evidence in assessing an individual’s level and capacity for physical activity.

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