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Alliance Recently Featured on two Risk & Insurance Blogs!

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CEO Mario Pecoraro was recently featured in Risk & Insurance Magazine and Blogs! Writer Roberto Ceniceros reached out to Mario for his insight and expertise on an article he wrote called, “Why Are You Wasting Money on Pointless Workers’ Comp Claim Investigations.” The article points out that employers who want to avoid the frustration of wasting dollars on investigations that go nowhere should have a clearly-defined strategy for combating workers’ compensation claimant fraud. Click the link to view the complete article or take a look at the excerpt below!

Mario featured in Risk & Insurance Magazine


In case you missed our announcement in our recent E-Newsletter, Mario Pecoraro was also published on Risk & Insurance online.





This article provides a reminder of the value of performing due diligence and conducting background investigations. Click to read, “How Simple Due Diligence Could Have Saved 20 Lives.”

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