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 HR Professionals Give Mario’s Presentation High Marks!

Mario recently presented on Reference Verifications at the Capital Region Recruiters Network.

Click the image at right to view the video or read the testimonials below to see what HR Professionals are saying about Mario Pecoraro, CEO of Alliance Risk Group!


Chris Patrie, Janitronics Inc.

“The nicest thing about attending a presentation with Mario Pecoraro is his content delivery makes it easy for all of us to understand. All the technical jargon is broken down into actionable terms and you walk away with something you can put into force the very next day.”

Chriss Wessell, Pinnacle Recruiting

“Mario Pecoraro is one of the most engaging and knowledgeable speakers I know of…he’s funny, he makes everybody laugh but he knows a ton about his business. It’s always a pleasure, you always learn something new.”

Laurie Atkinson, Autotask Corp.

“I attended Mario’s presentation this evening on reference checking and it was so interesting. It’s a very widely discussed topic in the industry and the information he presented was not only helpful but useful. I think everyone walks away from his presentation being able to apply something that he spoke about tonight.”

Devan Johnson, Pinnacle Recruiting

“The presentation had a lot of very good and very informative points and good questions to ask when talking to references. It also had some really good things that we actually don’t use at our current company – good things that I know we will definitely take back to the office and talk about applying to our processes.”

Tom Schinn – Board Member – CRRN

“The fantastic thing about this presentation is that you had so much interaction, so many great questions. People really were listening – they weren’t checking their phones all the way through as you see in most places. This is a great engaging point to validate all the stuff that he brought to the table both from his experience but also the questions and the answers he got from the audience.”