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Spring has Sprung and Summer is Here: Are Your Claimants Out and About???  View our Recent Success Story!

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Summer has arrived! Most people are out and about enjoying the fresh air and getting active!  Everyone is walking, biking, jogging, fishing and doing that seasonal favorite…spring clean-up! This is also the time of year when you may be wondering what your claimants are doing.

Alliance Risk Group has the tools to determine whether your claimants might be out and about during this active time of year. We can conduct surveillance efforts to determine if your claimant’s disability and/or mobility restrictions are fraudulent. Contact our Investigative Division for more information and take a look at the covert photos of a claimant from one of our recent success stories…

Late last year, this claimant sued her employer claiming to be totally disable due to injury to her right knee and an alleged back condition.

On the days she went to her MRI appointments, she was seen going into the building carrying a cane. Lather that same day, however, she was captured on video carrying groceries and walking with no apparent injury.

She was also caught on camera delivering newspapers:


Our video evidence helped prove that this claimant violated Section-114-a and was disqualified from any further compensation benefits.

To view the redacted 114-a decision, click here.