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July 2017: Alliance Announces New Headquarters in Clifton Park

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As summer draws to a close, we’d like to share some of the recent highlights for our company…

Alliance Risk Group celebrated the opening of our new headquarters with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Open House on July 12, 2017.  Here is our official announcement:

Mario Pecoraro, President/CEO of Alliance Risk Group, is pleased to announce the opening of the company’s new expanded headquarters located at 23 Executive Park Drive. The company will celebrate with a Ribbon Cutting ceremony immediately followed by an Open House until 7 pm.

According to Mario Pecoraro, “We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to our clients, friends and partners in the Capital Region and beyond for our continued growth and success as we embrace our 13th year in operation. We hope you will come and take a tour of our new location.” Refreshments will be served following the ribbon cutting ceremony including hors d’oeuvres and cigars along with live music.

Alliance Risk Group. (AWIG) provides effective due-diligence based background investigations customizable to a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, service, financial, IT, staffing, retail and more. The company also performs complete claims investigations for insurance and corporate professionals. In addition, Avvocato Litigation Support International and Preferred Adjustment Company are powered by Alliance Risk Group and operate out of the Clifton Park office. Avvocato offers complete legal support including service of process on a local, state, national and international level. This division serves law firms of all sizes, in-house legal departments of major corporations and government agencies that need service of process anywhere. Preferred Adjustment Company provides full service claims handling and property/casualty adjusting services for insurance carriers, self-insured companies and attorneys. Preferred lead adjusters hold CPCU designation, are strategically located throughout all of New York and can service claims on a regional and multi-state level.









Alliance Risk Group Fact Sheet: Interview with CEO Mario Pecoraro


  • Please describe what inspired you to open your own business.

I have had a strong passion for the investigative industry since I was a young child watching my parents operate their private investigative agency.  Seeing the entrepreneurial spirit of my own parents and working as a young child in their firm inspired me to open my own business. In 2005, I founded Alliance Risk Group, which specializes in helping organizations of all sizes manage risk from an investigative perspective at all levels, from pre-employment to post hire challenges. My work ranges from background screening to insurance and other fraud investigations.

  • Why you chose this type of business

I chose this business because it’s literally been in my blood since as long as I can remember. While most kids were playing ball, and hanging out on street corners after school, I already had a part-time job: riding along with my Mom and Dad while they did investigations on behalf of their small, family-owned private investigation firm. It was the only business I ever knew. It was what my parents talked about at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I got hooked from a very young age. How young? I can remember being twelve or thirteen years old and riding along with my folks as they did surveillance, tracked down missing persons and pursued various leads.

  • Please give us some background information on yourself, include your training and education, hobbies and work history prior to opening this business

Prior to founding the company, I worked for more than 15 years as a private investigator in my parents’ firm and conducted more than 2,500 hours of field investigative work, skip-tracing, and asset investigations, and located missing person, heirs and witnesses.  I met with clients and eventually handled my own investigations. After high school, I worked nonstop while pursuing my Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with a double major in Italian from the State University of New York at Albany, where I graduated Cum Laude.

  • Tell us why/what made you pick your location

I live in Clifton Park with my wife, Jo Jo, and established the Alliance Risk Group headquarters here in 2008. At that time, it was our third expansion in 3 years! In 2016, when a building became available for purchase directly across the street, I jumped at the chance to renovate and own our own headquarter building. Our new location at 23 Executive Park Drive, accommodates our staff beautifully and eliminates wasted space without sacrificing roominess. We have spacious reception area, eat-in kitchen with all the amenities, a large and small conference room, several private offices and a large open floor space with workstations for investigators. In addition, one of the most exciting opportunities with this purchase is that my wife has relocated her business from Latham and now operates SKINCARE by Jo Jo out of the east end of the building.

  • Please give us the key aspects of your business that you would like people to know

Alliance Risk Group has grown into a national/international investigative firm offering a variety of services. We focus on helping organizations increase their bottom line, and manage challenges that are associated with their most critical assets: its people or “human capital.” With more than 25 years of proven experience in due-diligence based investigative services, Alliance Risk Group has become a leader in the insurance and background investigation fields, property and casualty adjusting, and process service industries.

  • What can customers expect to experience from your business? What sets you apart?

Customers can expect an excellent service experience from Alliance Risk Group. When anyone contacts Alliance Risk Group, they will be greeted by one of our employees telling them that “we inspire confidence.” We do this by providing complete risk mitigation services globally. Our goal, which we measure through tracking key performance indicators and reporting in our Monday morning huddles, is to constantly provide actionable intelligence, detailed, timely communication and on-time performance. Inspired by John D. Rockefeller’s disciplined approach to business growth, the huddle keeps the company aligned and provides our clients with excellent service.

Another key area that sets us apart is our corporate culture which is based on a set of core values that the team strives to achieve daily. The most important core values being, “Integrity First – Always Tell the Truth; Successfully Engaged – Be Successfully Engaged in All You Do; Positive Attitude – Always Exhibit a Positive Attitude and Professional Demeanor; and Passion for Excellence – Strive for Excellence in All Your Endeavors!  Alex Chargen, CEO of a business consulting company wrote, “Throughout my career consulting to the Fortune 500 and thousands of entrepreneurs, I’ve found that a strong, unified company culture, built around performance, is a key identifier of future success.”


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