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Mario Pecoraro, CEO Alliance Risk Group

Have you ever been tasked with conducting a thorough background investigation but often times face the issue of defining “thorough?” In relation to the state of the economy over the past few years, have your parameters for conducting background investigations in New York and throughout the United States changed? At Alliance Risk Group, we work with employers of all sizes to help structure a thorough pre-employment investigation process.

Thorough background investigations should be conducted on all levels of employees. Think about the ramifications of a bad hire. The cost associated with one bad hiring decision could cost your organization dearly. Regardless of the position being applied for, there are no positions that exist where a thorough background investigation can be overlooked. All background investigations should begin with a comprehensive Social Security Number Verification with Address History. Once completed, it should be followed up with verifications of identity, as well as name match to the original application and documents. A criminal convictions/complete history report should be conducted, on all levels – including but not limited to county, state, and federal level criminal convictions. In some states, such as New York, a comprehensive statewide criminal convictions search encompasses felonies in every county as well as misdemeanors in over 850 reporting towns and villages. Once the criminal convictions research has been completed, additional investigations relative to the position should be conducted.

For more information about how to implement a comprehensive background investigation for your organization, contact Alliance Risk Group. at (800)579-2911.