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20/20 SEGMENT AIRED 6/13/14 AT 10 PM!

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“Mario Pecoraro is the gold standard for those who want to screen out the fakes.” – Deborah Roberts – ABC 20/20

Click here to see article that recently ran in the Albany Business Review!

ABC’s 20/20 Reporter, Deborah Roberts and Coordinating Producer, Joseph Rhee, spent last Thursday, June 5, at the Alliance Risk Group headquarters in Clifton Park interviewing CEO Mario Pecoraro for an upcoming episode of 20/20 to air Friday, June 13 at 10 pm. The story will delve into resume fraud and how easy (or hard) it is to pass a fraudulent resume through the pre-employment background investigation process.  The interview also touched on the fact that companies have sprung up that actively assist job seekers with creating false resumes to increase their chances of landing a job.

Prior to the interview, staff members from ABC and 20/20 submitted false applications to Alliance Risk Group and even went so far as to create bogus websites to corroborate their fictional backgrounds. One applicant even set up a message center to answer reference calls directed to the mythical employer. Alliance was tasked with identifying the deceptive resumes and was able to weed out the fabricated documents. The company reported the adverse findings, identifying discrepancies found with employment, education and address information.

Alliance Risk Group conducts pre-employment background investigations and surveillance investigations specializing in complete insurance and risk mitigation solutions.  For more information, contact Denise Lewis (518) 728-7772 or Mario Pecoraro, (518) 514-2944,