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Infinity Screening – Should Your Organization Consider it?

by Mario Pecoraro

Infinity Screening is a process whereby employers conduct periodic screening on employees post-hire. Many organizations rely on Alliance Risk Group as a resource to help implement an infinity screening process. Many employers conduct thorough background investigations prior to engaging an employee, however, many are just beginning to look at the benefits of post-hire background investigations.

Organizations must consider the reality that employees could potentially face criminal prosecution and/or conviction post hire and the employers could potentially never know without a post-hire background investigation. A simple infraction could lead to an arrest and later conviction, all of which could occur on an employee’s day off, or perhaps a weekend. The employee could return to work and act as “business as usual” however in reality they could have a pending crime that could impact an organization.

Regardless of the industry – (pharmaceutical, service, manufacturing, retail, automotive, staffing, IT, and more) – background investigations are critical not only at the onset or pre-employment stage but also at post-hiring intervals. For more information on implementing a background investigations process, contact Alliance Risk Group.


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