What happens in New York State if you commit workers compensation fraud?What happens in New York State if you commit workers compensation fraud?


According to Article 7, Section 114a of New York’s Workers’ Compensation law, if a “claimant knowingly makes a false statement or representation as to a material fact, such person shall be disqualified from receiving any compensation directly attributable to such false statement or representation. In addition, as determined by the board, the claimant shall be subject to a disqualification or an additional penalty up to the foregoing amount directly attributable to the false statement or representation. Any penalty monies shall be paid into the state treasury.”


According to this law, not only will claimants stop receiving payments if they are found to be falsely representing the extent of their injuries, they also may have to pay a penalty for their behavior. If you’re considering pursuing investigations in an effort to lead to a fraud finding, contact us today. Without the equipment and know-how to conduct a proper field investigation, it’s unlikely that any evidence you turn up would go the distance to secure a 114a.


If you have strong reason to believe that one of your employees is misrepresenting their injuries, you should seek the help of a licensed investigative firm. Alliance Risk Group has decades of industry experience and provides skilled investigators the best training and technology to ensure that due diligence is done.