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Investigator demonstrates commitment to compliance.

Tyler Blizinski, Background Investigator, Demonstrates Commitment to Compliance


Tyler Blizinski, Background Investigator, demonstrates commitment to compliance by receiving FCRA Advanced Certification. He received Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Advanced Certification from the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA). Enforced by the Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the FCRA ensures the background screening process is conducted fairly and accurately.

This Certification is intended for background screening professionals who want to demonstrate a commitment to compliance within their organization. Advanced certification requires the completion of six training webinars and an exam. Topics covered include…

• A thorough understanding of what is and is not considered a “consumer report” as it relates to FCRA legal authority
• What constitutes “maximum possible accuracy” under section 607(b)
• Knowing whether standalone disclosure and written authorization forms are compliant
• Adhering to compliance issues raised when reporting adverse public record information (Section 613)
• Adhering to compliance issues related to providing full file disclosures (Section 609)
• Staying informed on the implications of recent litigation

Tyler completed Basic Certification in 2020 and he is now part of an elite group of background screening professionals who hold FCRA Advanced Certification through the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA). To request an Alliance Risk Group background investigation, email